The Dark Underside of International Aid Organizations

Local volunteers from Carrefour and the Port-au-Prince area working for Adventist Development Relief Agency, offload bags of rice from a truck at a food distribution site in Carrefour, Haiti, Feb. 12, 2010. Marines from Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, and United Nations Security Forces are assisting ADRA and the World Food Program during their major two-week distribution over the first half of February 2010.

–Written by Soura, Reem & Sarosh

Many of us give donations to various charities from Habitat for Humanity to the Red Cross with sincere intentions to help those who are in need here at home or abroad.  We donate to causes which we believe in, like the ones fighting against cancer or helping fight illiteracy. A couple years ago, we had the ALS ice-bucket challenge among others which did not only raise funds for these organizations but also helped raise awareness about various issues. However, there is a dark and unknown world of some charities that is hidden by their pure image.

There have been many organizations who have caused more damage than good.

For example, the infamous Kony2012 campaign riled up many people against the crimes of Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army’s use of child-soldiers. However, research showed that the donations were doing very little to end Kony’s reign of terror and more with financing Hollywood style campaign videos and paying for the  luxurious lifestyles of the executives at Invisible Children, the Charity behind Kony2012. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Taking a further look into the Susan G Komen organization, the CEO of the Charity was making just shy of three-quarters of a million dollars. This raised eyebrows considering SGK cut funding for Planned Parenthood and cancelled several events citing the economic downturn as the culprit.

Unfortunately, the level of corruption for such organizations does not just end with being a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. Many charities are known for pursuing political and social agendas against poor and developing countries such as the Roman Catholic Church or active Non-Government Agents of CIA and other Intelligence agencies such as the White Helmets.

The Church played a pivotal role in the justification and expansion of European Colonialism and coerce the conversion of millions from the Americas to Africa and Australia. These crimes not only eradicated cultures by the whole, but left many poor devotees who gave generously to the church but received very little in return. Additionally, organizations like the White Helmets have helped victims of airstrikes and serve as civil servants, or so we are told. The evidence, upon closer observation, suggests otherwise, depicting them as a group of paid fighters working with foreign countries to overthrow the current government for a specific agenda and political motive. Syria is one of many recent examples. However, such tactics are not new and organizations similar to these have been used as fronts in Latin and South America and during the Soviet era pushing  regime change orchestrated by the CIA and MI6.

The American Red Cross has too faced years of scrutiny and criticism for its suspicious and amorphous reputation as a non-profit organization, among many others. The organization has successfully raised billions of dollars in relief, aid, and support from people and businesses for years, but there has been a giant question mark placed over its reputation due to a significant lack of economic, social, and structural improvement in some of the most devastated areas of the world it is stationed at.

In lieu of exposing the corruption and lack of credibility of some of the largest non-profit organizations, American Red Cross is in the process of being further investigated for its disaster relief efforts in Haiti when it the Carribbean state was hit with the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010.

In 2011, The American Red Cross launched a relief campaign to deliver humanitarian support and relief efforts to the neighborhood village of Campeche, a hilly area of Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince. The multi-million dollar project was expected to rebuild homes, infrastructure, and bring water and electricity to the disaster-stricken village. Today, there is not a single home that has been built in Port-au-Prince’s Campeche.

Instead, most of its residents live in shanty-home shacks made of sheet metal without access to water, electricity, or other means of basic sanitation. Their homes continue to flood when there is heavy rain, at which the residents will haphazardly bail out the water with pails. Campeche’s residents are continuously awaiting the much-needed aid that was promised to them by the Red Cross 7 years ago. However, there remains no hope or answers from the multi-million dollar foundation as to where the relief money went or what it was spent on.

The Red Cross claims that it has built permanent homes for more than 130,000 people, but the actual number of homes built in Haiti total to six homes. The American Red Cross has openly celebrated its work and commitment to relief aid and campaigns, but the organization has continuously failed on ground in Haiti. Evidence in the form of memos, emails from officers, and the accounts of frustrated insiders of the organization has solidified the notion that the Red Cross has made broken promises, squandered off donations to business, and made shadowy claims of relief success.

Despite these heavy disappointments, the American Red Cross continues to be the charity of choice for Americans and businesses looking to deliver relief to areas hit by natural disasters. Many people are more involved with ensuring that some sort of aid reaches places like Haiti instead of researching the credibility of the organizations that they are donating to.
This is not to say however that all charitable organizations are a sham. However, it is essential to encourage one another to to look more in depth before emptying out our wallets. It’s true that we cannot make this world a better place unless we support good organizations that are already focusing on specific issues and supporting their platforms. That being said, we should be vigilant and expose those who are only in it to make a quick buck and worsen the situation.

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